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Hi, I’m sethkushner!

I call my blog “the modern girls survival guide” because it’s a place for women to learn about money, career, personal development, and blogging

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Okay, a little bit about me…

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ by day and a blogger by night. Before all this, I was an attorney (which is why I call myself a “recovering attorney”). I’m also addicted to personal development – I love to read about growing, success, happiness, etc.

I’ve also never had a credit card, and I’ve paid off over $100k+ in student loan debt.

But, there’s so much more!

For starters, a few things I love are God, coffee, wine, and podcasts.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, US News World & Report, CNBC, Elite Daily, and many other publications.

I’m fascinated with money because I graduated law school with a ton of student loan debt — $206k to be exact. I didn’t understand how I could be an attorney and know nothing about personal finance… So, I decided to start a blog and talk about it. This was February of 2014, when theFinancegirl.com was born. A few short years later and now I’m here, at sethkushner.com.

During that time, I learned everything I could get my hands on relating to money and personal development. It was long before I quit practicing law to become a financial planner and blogger (read about how I quit my job here). And life is so much better!

Since I took a 50% pay cut by quitting practicing law, my current focus is increasing my blog income so that I can repay my student loans asap (more on how bloggers make money here). You can read more about my life updates in the My Life section of the blog. I post a monthly blog post about updates from the month before (I talk about money, relationships, personal development, and everything going on in between).

Now, here’s a bit about my blog. I post new blog posts Monday morning, and I post new videos on my YouTube channel on Thursday morning.

The money posts are about:
1. Making money (side hustles, blogging, entrepreneurship, etc.)
2. Managing money (budgeting, debt, saving, investing)
3. Behavioral finance (e.g.: why are you so bad with money?).

The career posts are related to pursuing a traditional career in corporate America.

The personal development posts are about:
1. Intentional living
2. Goals
3. Habits
4. Happiness
5. Minimalism
6. Time management
7. Success

The blogging posts are about how to build a successful (and profitable) blog from scratch. This is what I did, so I loooove talking about it!

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A few more random facts about me:

  1. I love to read and learn new things (I have a special place in my heart for podcasts).
  2. I enjoy running and staying active (I was a cheerleader and dancer growing up).
  3. I’ve been to Africa (Lesotho and South Africa).
  4. I like coffee and wine equally.
  5. I have extremely double-jointed arms.
  6. I love all things chocolate.

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